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Bô - Wellness Center

Immerse yourself in a wellness space designed to balance your body and soul with ancestral rituals and natural elements that transform your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being.

Basto Resto Bar

We promote conscious habits, the pleasure of a good meal, and the art of eating without haste. Each region of Colombia inspires us to offer you a unique and memorable culinary experience.

More Than Just a Stay

Birdwatching Trail

Explore the richness of our ecosystem on a tour where you will have the opportunity to observe more than 150 species of birds in our forest.

Horseback Riding in Cocora

In a valley surrounded by mountains and primary forests, you can enjoy a 2-hour horseback ride in the Aguas Claras Natural Reserve. Along a trail at an altitude between 2,100 and 2,500 height above mean sea level, you will have the chance to appreciate native species of flora and fauna, and the ride along the wax palm restoration trail and plant a wax palm, our national tree. 

Barbas River Canyon

We will walk in search of howler monkeys in one of the best preserved forests of the coffee region, the Barbas River Canyon. The natural reserve we visit is home to 3 families of howler monkeys, more than 300 species of bird and impressive diversity of plants. The hike is on a steep trail through the forest and can be muddy. This is a recommended tour for anyone who wants to experience an immersion in the jungles of the Andes, walking for several hours with a biologist. 

More Than Just a Stay


Bio Sessions.  Music project of Bio Habitat Hotel  to honor the sunset through music, this project invites different artists to share their melodies. A whole ritual to connect with organic and instrumental sounds.


Located just 30 minutes from El Eden airport in Armenia and 45 minutes from Pereira Matecaña airport, it is an ideal point to visit the charming towns of Quindío like Salento (20 min), Filandia (15 min) and Valle del Cocora (35 min) declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Bio Habitat Hotel


In the heart of the country, the department of Quindío is the green sea of Colombia, where Bio Habitat Hotel is located, just 5 minutes from Armenia, the city capital. A natural refuge that offers a strategic location that facilitates access from major cities around the world. From Madrid, Miami and New York, it is easy to get to Quindío thanks to the fact that it is only a 30 minute flight from Bogota, the vibrant capital of Colombia. 

Madrid, Spain - Bogotá, Colombia: 10 hours

Miami, USA - Bogotá, Colombia: 4 hours 

New York, USA - Bogotá, Colombia: 5 - 6 hours

Bogotá - Armenia, Quindío: 30 min 

The hotel offers airport pick-up service for guests.

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A refuge of peace in the heart of Quindío. Disconnect in the midst of nature in our comfortable habitats. Experience a transformative journey of peace, harmony, and unforgettable memories.