Slow Food Restaurant

Basto Resto Bar

Basto Resto Bar

At Basto, we promote a healthy lifestyle through delicious and nutritious dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. We invite you to savor every bite, enjoy the company, and create memorable moments in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Book your table and start writing a new gastronomic story.


Our garden is more than just a green space; it reflects our commitment to agroecology and sustainability. Carefully cultivated following ecological principles, it is an oasis of fresh ingredients used in our dishes. Here, every vegetable, herb, and fruit is grown with respect for the land and local communities, ensuring that every bite you enjoy is a celebration of nature.

Our Chef

With a passion for honest and conscious cooking, Maria Clara, native from Cali, she offers the best of local cuisine in every dish, drawing inspiration from every region of Colombia. Basto reflects her dedication, showing deep respect for local ingredients and placing our culture at the heart of her culinary creations.


Spaces immersed in nature inspired by the surroundings

Bô Wellness Center

Immerse yourself in a wellness space designed to balance your body and soul


Get to know our transformative experiences surrounded by nature and local culture


Moments to honor the sunset through music, Bio Sessions project invites different artists to share their melodies