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Rituals inspired by sacred nature and local culture based on herbs and scents specially designed for the balance of each of the planes of the Being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

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Transformative Experiences

Immerse yourself in experiences that awaken inner transformation, connecting with your essence.

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Take time to connect with yourself and join our daily wellness activities in our  contemplation area. Here, you can enjoy a variety of experiences designed to nourish your self being.

Every day Meditation and Yoga Classes.
Every week ExpresArte Workshop.

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Offers you a unique experience to nourish your Self Being with conscious food . Here, you can enjoy a selection of regenerative and local ingredients designed to harmonize your body and charge you with vital energy.

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Spaces immersed in nature inspired by the surroundings

Basto Resto Bar

We promote habits, the pleasure of a good meal, and the art of eating without haste


Get to know our transformative experiences surrounded by nature and local culture


Moments to honor the sunset through music, Bio Sessions project invites different artists to share their melodies